Social Media For Real Estate

Using social media in Real Estate can be powerful…

More and more, potential buyers are searching the web to find their new dream home on their own. This doesn’t mean that Realtors are becoming obsolete, most people still contact an agent, but they find that agent online.

The Internet is the most used source for finding a home, and people aren’t just searching sites like Zillow, Trulia, and Craigslist, they’re accessing their friend database for trusted recommendations. A Facebook or Twitter post like “My husband and I are looking to buy a home, does anyone know of a good agent?” will get tons of hits from friends and family, are you going to be one of the recommended agents?

There is a possibility that you could be recommended by a past client, but why not be engaged in conversations with people on social media for yourself?

It isn’t likely that you’ll come across such a simple cry for help; it is more likely that you will have the opportunity to give advice that builds trust by offering tidbits of your expertise to family, friends, and friends-of-friends in need.

For example, find the opportunity to give advise in the following status posts but refrain from turning the advise into a advertisement:

  • We’re trying to sell our home but our yard is a mess!
  • How on earth can I make our tiny bathroom look larger?
  • I have no idea what to look for in a home inspection!
  • We found a great house but we can’t figure out what school district it’s in.

Having a Facebook or a Twitter account is about so much more than just posting interesting status updates. Don’t get me wrong, having an active Facebook page for potential customers to land on is extremely important – but the way that you get people to go to your page or website is by getting out there and listening to people and engaging them in a conversation (but without the tacky selling tactics!).

If the importance of Social Media still doesn’t make sense, lets have a look at some statistics from the National Association of Realtors Survey of Home Buyers and Sellers:

  • There is a 24-year age gap between buyers/sellers and their agents.
  • 90% of buyers are researching listings online
  • 47% of buyers take their first step in the home search process online
  • Less than 3% start searching using a newspaper
  • Actions taken as result of Internet home search: Walked through a home viewed online: 63%; Found agent used to search/buy home: 10%; Drove by/viewed a home: 63%
  • 88% turn to the internet as an information source in searching for a home. Only 30% use newspaper ads, and only 19% use home books or magazines
  • 12 weeks is the median number of weeks home buyers are searching for a house

If most people are looking on line to buy a house, will they find you there? During a long 12 weeks of searching for a home, there is bound to be a status post or two expressing their frustrations. That’s your time to shine! Not to mention they will be doing tons of research on their own, do you have some good blogs that you’ve written that you can refer them to on your website? Or perhaps you could invite them to one of your mixers or open houses?

Social networking can do a lot for you and your business, like allowing you to increase your potential prospects and allowing you to stay in touch with previous clients (who will then be more likely to refer you), but it all takes time.

If you’re ready to jump start your social media campaign, here’s where to start:

  • Start with a Blog where you can provide useful information to people
  • Then jump on Facebook and share your information with the people that are looking for it
  • Next, supplement your written information by posting YouTube videos (YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world!)
  • After you’ve posted some videos, creating a LinkedIn account is a great way to connect with other professionals
  • Next, add Twitter to the mix. You’ll have to keep in mind that you have a limited number of words, but it’s one more place to engage in conversations
  • And finally, check out some of the other Jacksonville Social Media Management Blogs for more tips and ideas.

No matter what business you are in, we can help you tackle your social media and web design goals at Jacksonville Social Media Management: whether you choose to manage your accounts on your own, but just need a little help knowing where to start, or if you just don’t have time to spare to manage your social presence – we’re here to help!